Python Lists

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intro Welcome to my Python lists reference guide. The objective is to gather essential information on the list data type in one place with lots of examples. Please let me know what you think…additions, corrections, and suggestions welcome! create lists lists are ordered sequences and can hold any combination or types of objects or expressions…Continue Reading

Django Template Runner

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I love working with Django, but you don’t need the entire framework for every web project. If I’m making a small, mostly static site, I like to start with a base index.html and CSS files from html5bp or bootstrap. Without using a templating system, the second page I made would violate one of Django’s design…Continue Reading

Markdown Here for Code Styling

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I really appreciate the way good text editors render nicely styled, syntax highlighted code. Not only is it visually attractive, it helps you easily pick out keywords quickly spot missing quotes or brackets. Unfortunately copying and pasting code somewhere else almost never preserves the highlighting, and even if it does, formatting adjustments are often still…Continue Reading